Tuesday, October 25, 2011

what's kickin' about this kitchen?

Well let us tell YOU what is kickin' about these kitchens.....

** Loving the industrial vibe and mix of silvers and golds. See... you CAN do it, and it looks good!! **

** Comfortable, good-lookin' barstools... what a concept! **

** Thinking outside of the box for kitchen nooks... love it. **

** Splurge on a beautiful chandelier.. you wont regret it! **

** Add some personality to your pantry with your favorite wallcovering **
 ( After all ... you do look at it EVERY day! )

** We may be lusting after that stove... and the island... and the mix of black and leather....**

** Add a personal touch with some permanent frames to show off the artwork of the week!**

** LOVE love love the combination of greens, blues and reds! Beautiful.**

( and this kitchen happens to have one of our favorite traditional patterns upholstered on an unexpected metal frame.... it totally works don't you think?!)

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