Thursday, September 1, 2011

bringing in the green

Adding a little green to a finished room always seems to make things feel fresher and finished. Try it! Here are some "green" items to add to your spaces...

Fiddle Fig Trees:

We love how a nice large fig tree finishes off a space. More often then not we use faux fig trees in our home designs. However, if you go real fig you have a better selection of size and scale! Most faux trees come as large a 7' tall.



Moss is a nice quick fix for some green. Priced very reasonably, moss balls can add a nice vibrant green to the space. Gather up a bowl full and place on the center of your table for some interesting texture and bright color!


Classic, traditional, fresh, we could go on and on. Ferns can be a beautiful compliment to a very sophisticated polished room. Maybe add some pressed fern art to your wall. Or place a few in a vase to add some softness to your kitchen.



You can't go wrong with a cluster of hydrangeas. Add to a low rustic bowl for a more casual feel or dress them up with a clear vase and water. Plant out back to add some lushness to your garden, that can be seen from your sitting room. Beautiful and fresh for any space in the house.


A slightly more sophisticated and tailored alternative to moss. Boxwoods come in all shapes and sizes. Most of these plants can live in any climate and are easy to maintain. Use boxwood balls in a bowl, boxwood topiaries to dress up a book shelf, or a classic wreath to great you guests at the front door.

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  1. Gorgeous! I own everything in these pics but a fiddle fig tree. It's still on the must-haves-list! :)