Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Art wall how-to

We LOVE art arrangements....


HOWEVER, the hanging and arranging can be a BIT intimidating. 

Well, don't get frustrated! The book by David Matheson called "Photos" gives a great how-to, to make sure your art is lined up well, and the photos are evenly spaced;

STEP ONE: Trace paper templates the size of each frame.

STEP TWO: Use painter's tape and the templates to experiment with
 different arrangements on the wall. Try to keep the same distance between frames

STEP THREE: To place the picture hooks, measure and mark X's on the paper templates.
 Hammer nails through the picture hooks (and the paper), then rip away the paper.

STEP FOUR: Hang it. Love it. You're done!

Now, if this still isn't your thing, placing art and photos on a nice long shelf looks great too! 

Happy Hanging!

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