Monday, July 18, 2011

How to accessorize a well styled bookcase

We thought you might enjoy a few tips / inspiration for those empty 
(or maybe just slightly disorganized) bookcases we know you
 have sitting around the house:

No. 1 : Add color with paint or wallcovering.

No. 2: Soften with drapery.

No. 3: A nice sculptural piece is always an interesting focal point.

No. 4: Bookshelves are not just for books! 
Add framed art, flowers, and / or natural textures like coral.

No. 5: Repeat, repeat, repeat! 
Repetition is one of the key elements for design. Repeat the type of book, 
keep it monochromatic with the same color, or show off multiples of your favorite items.

 No. 6: Organize by color.

No. 7: Overlap objects for a more layered look and
create height variations with your books as stands.

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