Monday, July 18, 2011

How to accessorize a well styled bookcase

We thought you might enjoy a few tips / inspiration for those empty 
(or maybe just slightly disorganized) bookcases we know you
 have sitting around the house:

No. 1 : Add color with paint or wallcovering.

No. 2: Soften with drapery.

No. 3: A nice sculptural piece is always an interesting focal point.

No. 4: Bookshelves are not just for books! 
Add framed art, flowers, and / or natural textures like coral.

No. 5: Repeat, repeat, repeat! 
Repetition is one of the key elements for design. Repeat the type of book, 
keep it monochromatic with the same color, or show off multiples of your favorite items.

 No. 6: Organize by color.

No. 7: Overlap objects for a more layered look and
create height variations with your books as stands.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

cozy and cool

Another quick shot from one of our June installations. 
How many patterns can you count all in one room? The more the cozier...we like to think. 

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Art wall how-to

We LOVE art arrangements....


HOWEVER, the hanging and arranging can be a BIT intimidating. 

Well, don't get frustrated! The book by David Matheson called "Photos" gives a great how-to, to make sure your art is lined up well, and the photos are evenly spaced;

STEP ONE: Trace paper templates the size of each frame.

STEP TWO: Use painter's tape and the templates to experiment with
 different arrangements on the wall. Try to keep the same distance between frames

STEP THREE: To place the picture hooks, measure and mark X's on the paper templates.
 Hammer nails through the picture hooks (and the paper), then rip away the paper.

STEP FOUR: Hang it. Love it. You're done!

Now, if this still isn't your thing, placing art and photos on a nice long shelf looks great too! 

Happy Hanging!

Monday, July 11, 2011

dreaming of a white, white kitchen

Loving the fresh white palette with a PUNCH of color;

 (Okay... so this one might not be AS white as the others...but still dreamy.)